Olivia O'Kane's Character Sheet

Table of Contents

  1. Update Log
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Spellcasting Rules
  4. Current Spells
  5. Current Rituals
  6. Current Inventory
  7. Inventory in Storage

Update Log

Strengths and Weaknesses



Spellcasting Rules

Note: The Risk system is an optional method of resolving conflicts in a fair way, and is presented as an alternative to resolution to standard D20 combat rolls. All other rules save for the Risk system are mandatory

1. Olivia cannot and will never be able to change the nature of any other supernatural being through magical means

2. Magic in the presence of a non-supernatural carries the risk of spell backlash, due to the Ward that protects the town. Depending on the believability of a spell, this can range from mild to incredibly severe. As an example, Olivia attempts to pull a business card out of thin air from a jacket pocket in front of a normal, this has a high level of success because it is believable. Failure could result in the wrong business card, or even an entirely different object coming out of her pocket. Compare this to throwing a fireball, which will be entirely disbelieved by surrounding normals, resulting in a massive backlash which could include severe injury

3. Magic can be cast without the use of mana in non-combat/non-adventure scenes for storytelling purposes, however All spells cast in a combat or adventure scene must have a mana cost (See the spell list)

4. Mana regenerates at a rate of 10% per one RL day, unless a mana potion is used to boost recovery.

5. When the mana meter hits Zero, Olivia will enter into a meltdown state and will be unable to take action due to the effects of the Lie encroaching upon her, Mana regen is reduced by half for the duration of 3 days.

6. Reagents can be used to halve the magic cost of any spell, but their use increases the disbelief of nearby normals, increasing the severity of a spell backlash in their presence significantly. (see the risk system for optional rules on how this could be played)

7. All uses of magic can be detected by any supernatural creature. For Olivia, this manifests as an iridescent fractal aura similar to a Bismuth Crystal. This aura can be viewed both on any objects the spell is targeting, and from Olivia herself, making tracking its source quite easy (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51h7twZO6aL.jpg).

The Risk System

In the Risk System, all spells are assigned a rank of difficulty based on how difficult a spell would be for a single mage, and given a dice ranking based on that difficulty ranking. 1 is considered a failure.

Risk Ranks

Optional Risk Rules

1. Using the reagent rules above, the use of reagents would push any given spell up 1 risk level

2. The presence of another mage assisting with the spell only reduces the risk rank, the more mages, the more ranks reduced, down to a minimum of Easy

Current Spell List

1. Name: Portal Pockets

2. Name: Spectral Ping

3. Name: Lesser Jinx

4. Name: Transmutation

5. Name: Alter Object

6. Name: Magic Missile

7. Name: Necrotic Haze

7. Name: Shadow Rush

7. Name: Manipulate Shadows

Current Rituals

1. Name: Runecraft

2. Name: Homeric Evocation

Current Inventory

These are items Olivia can be expected to have on her at all times. These refresh every day.

Inventory in Storage

These are items that Olivia has in her trailer, she can retrieve these at any time, or start a scene with them, provided she has access to the trailer

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